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    agnes martin

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    Cliff Houses

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    Tomb in Gardala, Algeria

    shot by Peter Häberlin

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    This is a ghost trap from Tibet. The trap is also known as a Namkhar, which means sky in Tibetan. The trap serves many purposes, not just the protection from ghosts. 

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    Pablo Picasso, Wood Owl Woman

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  9. Kill Your Summer


    Seasons are a cruel and fantastic mystery that destroys and begets new life.

    Winter was long, cold, and harsh. Summer was short, mild, and dark.

    Kill it while you can. Kill it before it kills you.

    Streaming above (and link here), and dowloaded-and-downloadable soon enough.

    Kill Your Summer.

  12. Rachel Garrard, Blue III. Garrard’s exhibition, Vessel, is now at Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert Gallery.