1. Our Legacy tie dyed leather gloves.

    This post, in which we learn that leather can be tie dyed, and tie dye can be made seasonally appropriate for colder weather. Our Legacy has secrets. They know things.

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  2. The making of the AW14 Raso Hand Painted Tortoiseshell jacket. While it’s not unusual for Stone Island to release a video every collection, I wish they would show more of these beginning-to-end factory videos. I suppose they don’t want to give away all their secrets, but the book of Massimo Osti’s archive runs thousands of dollars when it’s on eBay and all I want to do is learn.

  3. My friend found this drawing I did three years ago of David Lynch, in india ink on watercolour paper. I don’t draw anymore.

  4. cinoh:

    Eduardo Chillida

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    Wes Mills

    no title, 2014

    graphite on paper

    6” x 5”

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    Curial (Petrified Wood), 2011

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    Ralph Coburn, American, born 1923

    Beach at Bordrouhant, 1949

    India ink on tissue paper, 

    8 1/4 x 10 1/2”

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    Brass Icosahedron paperweight

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