2. Daunting needles, cobbler pliers, wooden mallet, and leather finger sleeves. A pair of boots in a monkey boot style with uppers made from a single piece of vegetable dyed leather. Stitched and hammered from the uppers to the soles.

  3. Suzan Frecon, indigo composition, 2006

  4. Diana Al-Hadid

  5. Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop, 19th century, Japan

  6. Takuro Kuwata, Gold decorated stone-burst ball (2013)

  7. Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957)

  8. Ivan Argote “Mamarracho”, 2011

  9. Saint Laurent Store. Paris, France 2013

  10. Wilhelm Beestermöller


  11. This was on one of the summer mixes.

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  12. sometimes-now:

    Gianni Caravaggio, Immagine seme [Seed Image], 2011, black Belgian marble, plaster dust

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